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@Red Thread Devs: Potentially Simple Controller Support Fix

controller xbox 360 input key bindings controls

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#1 Jaawn


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Posted 25 October 2014 - 22:55

The controller issues seem to be caused by the game's controller detection system not recognizing valid controllers.  (I tried my MadCatz/GameStop Xbox360 controller with the official Microsoft xbox360 driver and it still doesn't work).  

However, the game still allows you to manually bind the controller buttons to game controls via the Settings > Controls menu (there is no "look" support in this menu though, so the game forces you to use the mouse to "look").

Potential Solutions:
Use Unity's built-in controller support to handle controller detection, then use whatever raw input / custom solution you have to handle the actual controls.

If that doesn't work, there is also a free open-source framework for building DirectX applications called SlimDX (http://slimdx.org/).  It provides very easy controller support which you could use just to detect controllers.  Example code for detecting presence of a controller:

GamepadState controls = new GamepadState(0);
     //controller is present
} else {
     //controller is NOT present

I have tested a small application using the above code with SlimDX and it quickly and reliably detects my gamepad.

Obviously, I have no idea what the controller code looks like for Dreamfall Chapters, but it does seem like the controller issues people are having are all due to the controller detection process.  I hope this helps solve the issue without much work for the developers.


#2 Morten


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Posted 27 October 2014 - 17:25

The issue is mostly that controllers and how their axes/buttons are mapped on different platforms/systems are often totally different, which means we have to create different "profiles" for them. For this we need to take into account what system/platform is used and what type of controller is connected.

For example, this page shows how different controller mappings are between Windows and Mac (Linux is a whole other level as there's different drivers and systems etc. that makes for even more rare combinations).


Also, to check what type of controller is connected, there's a few limitations.

The controller of course needs to be picked up and recognized by the Unity engine. Unity recognizes most controllers, but as these controllers are only stored by string-names in an array, it makes fluid/dynamic switching in-game a bit harder (need to check/compare strings).


This, plus the fact that we only have a limited number of different controllers to test with during development, is why we've recommended and made sure we support the official Xbox 360 controllers (or PS4 controllers) off the bat. We might look into trying to support as many different controllers as possible in the future, but this adds a lot of work and testing to the development plan.


I hope this helped somewhat to explain our thoughts regarding controllers, even though it was only a very quick and not very in-depth explanation of how our system works and our plans regarding controllers/joypads. :)

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#3 Brainflab


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 09:30

What you (OP) is asking is luxury imo : you want your controller to work perfectly without the need to remap anything.

I think it would be better if RTG "simply" added the missing mapping options (camera look, zoom etc.) and fix the one not working (interact).

Yes you'd have to remap you controls even though your controller is very similar to a 360 one. But it would work for almost every controller :)

The controls customization screen is already here, it works, it's just missing a few settings.

#4 Morten


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Posted 28 October 2014 - 11:41

The controls configuration menu currently only has the ability to remap keyboard/mouse actions.

For controllers/joypad the actions are mapped by the different presets.


That said, we might add the possibility to remap controller/joypad actions in the future, but this requires some rejiggering of the system in place right now.

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#5 dayvhide


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Posted 31 March 2015 - 07:29

Is there anyway just to disable the controller? because I will just use xpadder.

#6 khh


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Posted 31 March 2015 - 17:10

I answered you in the thread you posted

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