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Dreamfall Chapters FAQ & Known Issues [PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING]

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Posted 22 October 2014 - 17:49

Please be advised that this topic is not yet complete and will be (frequently) updated (by moderators + RTG) with current issues as they are coming up.

This is a general post with the most frequently asked questions regarding Dreamfall Chapters and known game issues.
If you have any issues with the game, please give this a read before posting a new topic.

Release related content (Where? / What? / How?)

For Kickstarter backers:

Q: I don't know how to get the game. Help?
A: All digital rewards will be given out via Humble Store. See this topic to find out how to get into your Humble account. (key resender link here)
A2: If you somehow don't have access to the mail you used to back the game (or on BackerKit, if you've used that), and are not able to recover the game from Humble using any of your regular mail addresses, you probably need to send a mail to support@redthreadgames.com in order for us to update our systems with the correct mail address.

Q: I wanted the GOG version of the game, not the Steam version. Why haven't I got it?
A: Kickstarter update #67 (read here) says the GOG keys are only distributed to people who specifically ask for them. The update tells you where to ask.
A2: You may have to wait in order to get that key, that is normal. RTG needs to manually send them out and it takes time.

Q: I wanted the direct Humble download. Why is it not working?
A: The direct download file was corrupted somehow when it was released. RTG said in Update#67 that it is an error on Humble's end. The file has now been updated in Humble Bundle's system, so try downloading it again.

Q: Okay, I got the Humble file downloaded, but now it's telling me to insert a disc? What do I do?
A: Make sure that you have extracted the files and that you aren't trying to run the files from inside of the zip folder. Once you have done that, make sure that the file path is pointing towards the folder where you extracted these files. The installer should read the folder and continue.

Q: My Steam or GOG copy doesn't say Special Edition! How do I get the promised special edition extras?
A: The extras will be distributed in Humble Store, along with the other digital Kickstarter rewards. As of (Oslo Time) 24th of Oct [00:31], the Artbook and Europolis map is up (they are hidden, see this picture). The rest will come "soon" but we (moderators) are uncertain of upload/sync status.
PS: regular purchasers have not been given more than these two extras (+ wallpapers) yet.

For everyone who has purchased the game:

Q: Why is the Story Recap grayed out in the game, and what is it?
A: This has not been included in the release yet, but will be as soon as RTG are able to. It should be available to all players of the game, and will give a recap of the story from The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

Q: I have bought Dreamfall Chapters Special Edition which included extra content/DLC. Where can I access this extra content?
A: If you bought the Special Edition through Steam, you will receive the extra content automatically once it is available. You might have to restart Steam and change the Updates settings to "Always keep this game up to date" in order for the download to start.
You can find the downloads by right-clicking on Dreamfall Chapters in your Library, select Properties, select the tab Local Files and clicking on Browse Local Files.

Q: How do I download a new Book/new content?
A: On Steam Dreamfall Chapters should update to the most recent version automatically. If this isn't happening make sure you have automatic updates enabled (right-click on Dreamfall Chapters in the Library -> Properties -> Updates -> Always keep this game up to date). If you participated in the public patches beta for any previous version, make you sure change back to the normal version of the game (right-click on Dreamfall Chapters in the Library -> Properties -> Betas -> NONE - opt out of all beta programs). After making the change you will have to restart Steam for the update to start.
On GOG and Humble you will have to download a new installer. This installer contains the most recent update with any new Books that are released.

Choices: Social/online features & savegame related

Q: I see the game uses social/online features. How does this work and what kind of data is being tracked in the game?
A: We only track choices players make in the game. No private data is being tracked or submitted to our servers.
Your choices are continuously tracked as the game progresses, and by connecting your game to Facebook and/or Steam, you will be able to see what choices your friends are making throughout the game.
If you don't want your progress to be registered, you can permanently wipe data and disable any online functionality by toggling "Offline Mode" in the game settings.
Please note that this also restricts your ability to see other people's choices.

Q: If the choices are carried on into the next Book, how can I do several playthroughs without losing my first, knee-jerk choices?
A: The choices carried into Book 2 will be from the last playthrough you finished the game with.If you want to continue into Book 2 with a previous playthrough, load up a savegame from before the last dialogue-choice in the game (check this post again later for more specifics of which savegames needs to be loaded) from the playthrough you want carried on, and finish the game with that one. That will then be your "last playthrough", and you can carry on into Book 2 with that one.

Q: I'd like to play the game over again, but how do I know which decisions will carry over to the next book?
A: It's the decisions you have made when you finish a book that will be carried over. So let's say you would like to see what Zöe's other career looks like:
Load up a save game right before the decision point (in this case it's when Zöe confronts herself in the Storytime.
Make your decision in the dialogue.
Continue to play and see what happens,

If you want to switch back to your original choice, just load up an old save game from your original playthrough in House of All Worlds (baby). Finish the game, and you're all set.

Q: Where are the saves located?

  • Windows: %appdata%\Roaming\RedThreadGames\DreamfallChapters\ 
  • Linux: ~/.config/RedThreadGames\DreamfallChapters/
  • Mac: ~/.config/RedThreadGames\DreamfallChapters/

After the release of Book Two, files will now be written to a new persistent data folder. This should not have any impact on the saves listed in-game or files read by the game as it still looks through the "old" folders for relevant files. This only changes the location of which new files are written.
Updated locations can be found below:

  • Windows: %appdata%\..\LocalLow\Red Thread Games\Dreamfall Chapters\  -  (%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Red Thread Games\Dreamfall Chapters\)
  • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Red Thread Games/Dreamfall Chapters/
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Red Thread Games.Dreamfall Chapters/ (or ~Library/Application Support/com.redthreadgames.dreamfallchaptersmac see here~/Library/Application Support/Red Thread Games/Dreamfall Chapters/ or ~/Library/Caches/unity.Red Thread Games.Dreamfall Chapters/

Q: OK. So I want to do another clean playthrough. Is there any way I can keep my playthrough files separated locally on my computer?
A: Yes. You can do a backup locally of your previous playthrough by placing all the contents of the savegame-folder (listed in previous Q, here) in another folder. This way, the next time you open the game, it will not find any previously saved data, and you can start a fresh playthrough. If you want to go back to your previous playthrough, you can reverse this process.
I have finished playing Book One, and want to play over again from the beginning to test out different options.
I place all contents of my savegame-folder (%AppData%\Roaming\RedThreadGames\DreamfallChapters\) in a new folder called "Backup pt1" anywhere on my computer. 
(These files will be the following: "Autosave" folder, Content.data, Social.data, StoryFlags.data)
Now I can start a clean playthrough. Any time I want to go back to my previous playthrough, I copy/paste the contents of my "Backup pt1" folder back to my savegame-folder.
Q: It seems that my games are not being saved/silently fails to save in the ".config"-folder. Why is this and what can be done to fix it? (Mac/Linux specific)
A: This is most likely due to the ".config"-folder (where savegames are created) not having the correct permissions set up, and therefore the game cannot write/edit files in this folder.
To make sure the game can write savegames, you can issue the following command from your terminal-/console window: "sudo chmod 777 ~/.config".
(This command makes the folder as well as all files/folders inside it writeable. For a couple of suggestions for safer approaches, see this topic.)
This makes sure the current user has write-permissions in the ".config"-folder, and the game should now be able to create and store savegames here.
Q: After completing a Book, I see that there are an option to "Start Book X". But I noticed I'm also able to select "New Game" and choose to start from a specific Book. Is there a difference between these two? And what happens to my progress when choosing one of these?
A: The data that both these options rely on, is the data stored in the "StoryFlags.data" file, located in the directory where all data written by the game is stored. This file keeps track of all the choices you've made in the game and your current progress. See this section for the specific location.
The two options work like this:

  • "Start Book X":
    • This option will only be shown if you've just completed playing through a Book and you have not yet started the next Book in line. If the next Book in line is not released yet, this option will be hidden.
    • This option will read your current game progress and set you off into the next Book right away. Once you've gotten to the first save location of the new Book you started, this option will be hidden. 
    • This option is not the same as the "Continue" option. Clicking "Continue" will always load your latest saved game.
  • "New Game" -> Choose Book:
    • First of all; the "New Game" option will of course start a new game. If you haven't played the game before, or you don't have any saved data from a previous playthrough, this will take you straight into Book One and start your journey.
    • When you do have saved data (StoryFlags), it will enable you to select a Book to start from. The available options here reflects your current progress.
    • Keep in mind that this option will erase your current progress in the selected Book. If so, you will receive an in-game notification when this option is selected.
      • Example: I've played through and finished books One, Two and Three. I select "New Game", select the "Book One"-option. Now, all my decisions for all books will be erased from the "StoryFlags.data" file. This means that I will only be able to start the game fresh from Book One, and my current progress in any Books are reset.
      • Now, if I were to select the "Book Two"-option, all my decisions from Book Two and Three will be erased, but my decisions from Book One will be retained and remembered for my new Book Two playthrough.
    • Keep in mind that you can manually back up your "StoryFlags.data" file if you want to keep different playthroughs. If you want to go back to an earlier playthrough that you've backed up with all choices intact, you can paste your backed up file into the game's save-directory (linked above). 

Also keep in mind that the logic of saved games is separated from that of the "StoryFlags.data" file.
The choices stored in the "StoryFlags.data" file is only updated at two points in the game: At the end of a Book (at the point where the Summary for that Book's choices show), and whenever you choose to start a "New Game" from the Main Menu.
We have a new system in the works with regards to backing up the "StoryFlags.data" file at certain points in the game to make it easier to revert to a previous playthrough and to, of course keep a backup if you were to regret your choice to start over. There are no deadline or set date for when this will be integrated as of yet, but it will be prioritized for a patch between Book Two and Three.
Performance / Graphics related issues:

Out of memory crashes on 32-bit Windows systems:
For playing Dreamfall Chapters, our minimum requirements state that your computer should have more than 3 GB of RAM, but we also highly recommend that your computer has more RAM than this available.
Also, a 64-bit operating system is actually required for any program to be able to access more than ~3 GB of RAM (https://en.wikipedia...ki/3_GB_barrier).
Therefore, if you have a 32-bit operating system, you may experience occasional out-of-memory crashes whilst playing the game. Please be advised that for all issues regarding out-of-memory crashes we advise you to:

  • Close any additional programs running in the background that is not needed while playing the game, to free up memory.
  • Turn down in-game graphics settings, especially the Visual/Graphics Quality setting, to reduce memory usage. We also recommend restarting the game after changing the Visual/Graphics Quality setting.

Additionally, there is a known method for allowing applications to use additional RAM in 32-bit operating systems which may help reduce/eliminate out-of-memory crashes.
To enable this, please click the link below and follow the instructions under the "Instructions for allowing applications to use more RAM in 32-bit operating systems"-spoiler in the first post:
Link: http://www.techpower...s-aware.112556/
Please note that the instructions in the Windows 7 section also applies to Windows 8 users.
To find/open the Command Prompt on Windows 8, you can open the start-menu, write "cmd.exe" and follow the rest of the instructions listed.
Q: The game crashes after a cinematic/load. What to do?
A: This is generally caused by the game running out of memory. Please make sure you system supports the current in-game settings and that you
are running a minimal amount of performance heavy applications alongside the game.
Also try reducing the in-game graphics settings and make sure you are not overriding application graphics settings from your graphics device's control panel.

Q: The game runs at a low framerate in certain areas. How can I improve this?
A: Some areas of the game are large and contains a wide range of detailed assets. As with any graphics related issues, please make sure your system supports the current in-game settings.
Try reducing the in-game settings until a more optimal framerate is achieved, and make sure you run as few performance heavy applications alongside the game as possible.
It is also advised to check your graphics device's control panel to make sure any application settings are not incorrectly overridden, which may cause performance issues.
Q: The game runs at a low framerate generally, and is using a low amount of CPU processing (10%-15% CPU usage). What can be done to fix this?
A: Some computers, especially laptops, have options in place to control the power consumption of the system, limiting performance heavy applications and functionality.
Windows, for instance, has three power options by default: Balanced, Power Saver and High Performance. These settings can be found in your Control Panel, in the Power Options section.
If the game is running slow for you, please make sure you are either running the Balanced- or High Performance power option. The Power Saver option severely affects the amount of resources 
the game can take use of. However, we do recommend using the highest performance option possible on your system to get the best experience.
The game should be able to utilize the CPU as much as possible, as most rendering calls/draw calls in the game are issued by the CPU. The game should be able to run using ~50% of your computer's
CPU in the heaviest areas.

Q: The framerate is fine in most areas of the game, but I am experiencing big drops in framerate in Europolis/Marcuria (Main city hubs). How can I combat this?
A: The city hubs are the biggest and most detailed areas of the game, and are utilizing the Unity engine to its fullest effect.
Framerate issues may be more noticeable in these areas than any other. Try reducing your in-game settings to achieve a more optimal experience.
Also make sure you are running as few performance heavy applications while playing the game and that you graphics device's control panel is not overriding any application settings.

Q: I am running the game on Linux and I am seeing weird graphical artifacts in some areas, What can I do to fix this?
A: There is a known issue with some shaders in Unity not being supported on Linux systems. This may often result in graphical artifacts such as black boxes and glitchy lighting in some places.
We are working on improving this. In the meantime, please make sure you have the latest graphics drivers on your system and that you are not overriding applications settings from your graphics device's control panel.

Q: I am running the game on my laptop with a switchable graphics system (integrated and discrete). What can I do to prevent crashes/increase performance?
A: Please make sure that the game is actually assigned and running on the discrete GPU. For instructions on how to do this on the different platforms, see the links below:

Q: I cannot make changes in the in-game settings due to *insert reason*. Is there a place where I can change settings manually?
A: You can alter some of the game's settings by editing saved preferences for the game in your systems registry/application settings.
See below for instruction on where to locate these preferences on the different platforms:

  • Windows: Open "regedit.exe" (most easily found by searching for it in the start menu): Go to "HKCU\Software\Red Thread Games\Dreamfall Chapters"
  • Mac: "~/Library/Preferences" in a file named "unity.Red Thread Games.Dreamfall Chapters.plist"
  • Linux: "~/.config/unity3d/Red Thread Games/Dreamfall Chapters"

For Mac/Linux users, there can be an issue with read/write permissions for the locations where these preferences are saved. For more info and possible workarounds, please see this topic.
Q: My game crashed after alt-tabbing while playing. Why?
A: There is a known issue with Unity where the reference to your graphics device is sometimes lost after minimizing the game and opening it again. We recommend that you pause the game by opening the in-game menu before minimizing the game. Please be aware that this problem can still occur even though the game is paused.
Q: The game crashes when starting and/or when I change the resolution setting. The log repeats "Switching to resolution 1920x1080 failed, trying lower one" messages until the game fails and crashes. Why is this happening to me?
A: Problems such as this is often caused by some background applications not being compliant with the game and are interfering with the game taking control over the graphics device. Often these background applications are applications like EA's Origin app. For the game to be able to take full control and not crash you will need to close these background applications.
Some good tips on how to identify such applications, use selective startup, etc. can be found here (provided by Blizzard's Battle.net forums).


Q: I'm playing on Linux (insert kernel/version) and the game hangs/crashes/showing blank screen at startup. What to do?

A: Many Linux users on different kernels have reported issues like this while using the open source video drivers. For many people a working solution/workaround is to add the -force-opengl command line parameter when executing the game. 
For anyone having graphical / performance issues, we advise you do the following which helps us a lot to debug and find out what's causing the issues:
Output log:
You can find the game's output log in the location that the game is installed in a folder named "Dreamfall Chapters_Data". For Steam users, this can usually be found in your Steam installation folder under "...\SteamApps\common\Dreamfall Chapters". In the "Dreamfall Chapters_Data" folder, the output log file is called "output_log.txt".
For Mac users, the log can be found by opening the Console. It should be located under the "Unity"-section, called "Player.log". You can copy/paste the contents to a .rtf or .txt file and add it as an attachment in your email/forum post.

Linux users should find the game's log file in this location: ~/.config/unity3d/Red Thread Games/Dreamfall Chapters/Player.log


System Diagnostics:

Windows: Open "dxdiag.exe" (best found by typing "DxDiag" in your start menu or through the Run-option). Press the "Save All Information" button at the bottom of the Window to save the diagnostics file.
Mac: Open your Apple Menu (press the Apple logo in the top left of the screen), go to "About This Mac" -> "More Info" -> "System Report". In the application that launches, choose "File" -> "Save".
Linux: Open your command terminal and type "sudo lshw -html > sysdiag.html". This will create a file called "sysdiag.html".

Please send us an email with a description of your issue and the two files described above to support@redthreadgames.com. Thank you!

Other / general:
Q: Can I make a Let's Play and upload it to Youtube/wherever?
A: Once a book has been released, yes absolutely. But not during the early access period for backers.

Q: I am running the game via Steam, and when I try to start the game I get a Steam error: "Game failed to start (error code 51)". What to do?
A: This issue can be caused by various background applications interfering with Steam. Please have a look at the official Steam support site for this issue and follow the instructions listed there.

Q: I would like to play the game with a joypad/controller. What kind of controllers are supported by the game?
A: Dreamfall Chapters mainly supports Xbox 360 Controllers.
For Windows 8 and above, the Xbox One and PS4 controllers are supported, and should work out of the box by plugging the controller into your computer via USB cable.
For Mac users, we recommend using the "Tattie Bogle" driver with an official Xbox 360 Controller. The driver can be found here.
Currently there are only minor support for controllers on Linux systems. This will most likely be updated in the future. For now we recommend using the "xboxdrv" driver for Linux systems and customize the button mapping manually for it to work correctly with the game. A quick guide on how to do this can be found here.
Other types of controllers might work or not, depending on the type of controller, system and possible emulators used. However, if you plan on buying a controller, we recommend buying an official Xbox 360 Controller.
Q: I don't have an official Xbox 360 controller, but my *insert other controller* is not recognized by the game. Is there any workaround?
A: Firstly, make sure you've actually plugged in the controller, that it has been recognized by your driver/OS and that it is ready for use before starting the game.
If it is still not being detected in-game after following the instructions above, you can try to download and run the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (Windows).
For workaround-drivers and emulators for Mac/Linux, please see the previous Q/A above.

Q: How do I switch between controller/joypad and keyboard in game? I don't see a setting for toggling this.
A: The game's input system changes controller-scheme in realtime based on the last keystroke.
To switch from keyboard to controller, simply press a button on your connected controller, and vice versa to switch from controller to keyboard.
Please be aware that the controller must be connected before you open the game in order for it to be recognized.
Q: An NPC that is crucial to gameplay seem to have gotten stuck in location X and I cannot progress. What can I do to fix this?
A: Generally, loading your last saved game should fix the issue. If this does not work and it seems to be a recurring issue, we'd appreciate it if you would report this issue to us.
Please send an email to support@redthreadgames.com explaining the issue. Thanks for helping us improve the game! 
For any other issues with no particular reason. For instance:
 - My game does not respond to pressing a certain key when prompted.
 - I see a lot of pink assets.
 - Certain assets seems to have gone missing.
 - +++
Some times, an installation of the game is not done/completed properly and/or contains damaged or corrupted files. For anyone using Steam, you can use the Integrity Verification tool. This can be found by right clicking the game in the Steam library, select Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache. This will report any errors in the game's installed files. This tool sometimes manages to fix the issue, but if not, the game will have to be uninstalled and re-installed.
For any users not playing the game from Steam, a hard uninstall/re-install may be required.



New cloud login and synchronisation system
(this section will be further updated at a later time)
We've added a system that keep tracks of your progress between installations of the game — and across platforms. 
This means you can carry over progress from PC to consoles and mobile platforms, and vice versa.
When you first start up the game after updating to Book Five, you will be prompted with a registration window.
By entering your email address — and clicking the verification link we send you — your unique client ID (unique for every installation of the game) will be connected to your account created in our database.
Since your account is connected directly to your email address, and new client registrations have to be verified via that email, we do not require a password for your account.
Once you've successfully logged in, your email address will be displayed in the top-right corner of the title screen. If you're not logged in, you will see a message like 'Login' or 'Verification pending' (dependent on current status) in the top-right corner. You can re-open the login window by clicking your email address/status message at any time.
For every new device/clean install of the game, you will have to log in and verify that specific client for it to be connected to your account.
Connecting to this service will ensure that your progress will be synchronised to our servers, and you will have the ability to download your progress to any other device that is connected to the same account. The only data uploaded to our servers are your latest saved game and the decisions you've made up until that point in the story.
As the game starts, the data connected to your account, stored on our servers, is compared with the data stored locally on your computer. If a more recent set of data is located on the server, you will be prompted with the synchronisation window on the title screen. Here you will have the option to download your most recent progress from our servers. You can also to skip this step, and continue without synchronising.
Once you select the synchronize option, the data stored on the server will be downloaded and placed locally on your machine. Now you can continue the story from where you previously left off, regardless of platform.
Rest assured that no data will be overwritten or deleted during this process. It is simply copied from our servers and downloaded to your system.
Your email address will never be shared with third parties or used for any other purpose than maintaining your Red Thread Games account.

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Posted 29 October 2014 - 12:32

Update: Added entry regarding the game silently failing to save caused by incorrect permissions in ".config"-folder on Mac/Linux systems.

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Posted 29 October 2014 - 13:25

Update: Added entry regarding out-of-memory crashes on 32-bit operating systems and how to potentially allow applications to use more RAM on 32-bit operating systems.

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Posted 01 December 2014 - 11:27

Update: Added entry regarding Power Options on Windows (and other systems), to make sure the game is allowed to utilize as much CPU power as possible.

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Posted 28 January 2015 - 14:12

Update: Added entry (Saves related) on how to manually separate one playthrough's files separate from others locally.

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Update: Updated section referring to locations of files saved/written by the game application as these are changed with the release of Book Two and onward. (Link to section)

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Update: Added section with in-depth explanation of how the game saves choices and progress, and the difference between a couple of new options in the game's Main Menu that uses the stored data. (Link to section)

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Posted 14 March 2015 - 14:06

Update: Added information on how to download Book Two. (I may add more to the GOG and Humble part if it seems needed)
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Update: Added a section regarding crashes occurring due to interference from some background applications. (link)

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Posted 18 June 2016 - 02:35

Update: Added section about the new cloud login and synchronisation system (to be further updated and formatted at a later time) (link)

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