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Texture and shading issues in various parts of the game (no spoilers)

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Posted 08 October 2019 - 22:06

I'll start with the good news. Previously, my most capable gaming machine was a 2010 MacBook Pro that really struggled with DFC (I completed it at a low frame rate with all the settings down pretty low). Recently I purchased a new Mac Mini with an external GPU (an RX Vega 64). While quite a modest computer, it represents almost a decade of technological advancement, making DFC play flawlessly with every little setting up to the max.

The above introduces new challenges. Without giving away any spoilers, two things have struck me:
- Occasionally textures don't line up (e.g. wooden floors and benches) which can look kinda weird.
- Similarly, some objects intersect abnormally (i.e. occasionally one object passes through another like a ghost).
- Most seriously, some of the lighting/shadows isn't working properly. For example in some scenes (mostly important movie scenes with key dialogue) characters twist off oddly, their models flicker and you see odd 'shadows' being cast around random parts of the screen.

Since I'm on a Mac with an eGPU (supported by Apple), this may not be consistent to what others are experiencing. However, I'm interested to know if anybody else is getting similar oddities while playing through.

FWIW I screenshotted most of the examples and I'm happy to share them if that's gonna help either debug my settings/setup or (less likely) help debug those scenes where necessary (guessing active development has ceased long ago?)

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