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Kickstarter update #115

rewards physical rewards Tome of the Balance

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Posted 13 December 2018 - 07:05


Don't know if anyone else got this email, or if it's been posted elsewhere.  Says it's a project update, but not numbered, so maybe that's why there is no thread. 


Edit - Actually, I see that it is numbered as 116.  It almost seems fortuitous that it happens to come out now.  Feel free to make a new thread and move this post there, if need be.




Key word there, "most," and I'm not exactly sure that's even the case.  "Some" have gotten their rewards, but we can't say "most," perhaps "many," but certainly not "all."  I do know I was supposed to get a Journeyman Boxed Edition.  I don't know if I'm supposed to get the special edition box or not, since my $125 tier has mysteriously vanished from the Kickstarter page, and I'm not sure I copy-pasted what was there or took a screenshot.  If it was folded in with another tier, I certainly hope it was merged with a higher one and not a lower one.  I did get the emails intended for $110 backers (and it is true that higher tiers are supposed to get everything the lower tiers got, from what I recall,) but I still never got my box... even after this, now, their second claim, that "most" backers received theirs.



I'm still waiting for the shirts I paid $65 for back in 2014  :angry:


The sad thing is that I was actually pretty excited for Draugen, but I'm hesitant to give RTG any more of my money at this point.

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Posted 19 December 2018 - 10:29

I don't think they are in any way or form required to provide even Norwegian subtitles, as I couldn't find any mention of this when reading the relevant regulations. Then again, I am not a lawyer.


I do, however, think it's pretty appalling not to make this translation when the effort and cost involved should be manageable, even for a small company.

Well I may have got it wrong, but I seem to remember the grant given to them from the NFI was specifically because they were promoting the Norwegian culture and language by making the game in their own language. Which they haven't done. Not to mention the lack of other localisations that were specifically stated in a completed stretch goal.


So where did the money go? RTG did have enough money to complete this game properly but they chose instead to use some of it to fund their own continuing development. So we have resources going to Draugen and whatever and eventually the DFC stuff will be done along the way. "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" as we say. This may or may not be a smart business move (it's not) but we didn't fund Ragnar Tornquist's life, we only gave money for them to complete what they said they'd do in a single project.


The continuing existence of his company is his problem. He chose to shaft us for his own benefit and then refused to talk about it or even admit he'd dropped things we'd paid for in good faith. This project is like a disastrous doctoral thesis; perhaps in 15 years the PhD student will indeed publish the best thesis ever written in the history of mankind, however their supervisor has given up hope and the research field has moved on. The data is no longer relevant anyway.


A despicable abuse of Kickstarter and a classic example of what not to do. No wonder he's too scared to come into this forum "sanctuary". He pissed on the walls and then ran away.

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