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DFC Kickstarter experience

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Posted 13 July 2018 - 09:37

Well, I recieved my "Boxed Collectors Edition" and after 5 years this journey has finally come to an end.

The story regarding Zoe and Kian has come to an end aswell.


I really liked the game. The way your decisions influenced the game who would survive and alternated the game.

Even thou some decisions were just there to just make one and the outcome was the same (killing one prisoner or leaving hin to his fate. You will

always be blamed for his death).

The locations were beautiful and seeing some old charakters and wonkers was wonderful. Shitbot and Kidbot....just great :)

Was kinda sad that many loose threads weren't picked up thou. What's up with the Draic Kin. Where was Cortez? Was Reza controlled by the undreaming? And if he was,

was it Brian who killed the black Draic Kin? Has it shifted only to those two?



What I am really dissapointed about is the lack of information/communication given by RTG.

If you support something via Kickstarter you know, your money is gone. You could end up with nothing at all.

Well, RTG deliverd the game. Like I said, I really liked it. And that it went episodic was nothing that bad to me. They announced it and explained why it went that way.

But from that point on the informations given to the backers went kinda rare to none.


Many ingame awards from the strechted goals are missing. No Library e.g. If RTG would have made a statement that it was too much and they had to scrap it, fine by me.

Would have said:"Meh, but ok. Didn't went according to plan. Time to move on". But nothing. Changing clothes was implemented but nobody knew about it.

And the "Boxed Collectors Edition with a beautiful printed Manual" was really a disappointment for 90$ extra. But there are no news, why the manual didn't made it.


I think RTG would have gotten a lot more understanding from their fans if they had communicated the things that were going on. Just "Sorry, that was too much we wanted. We had to let go of it" would

have been enough for me. If they tried to avoid the haters they did a great job and avoided the supporters aswell.


So my experience was kinda mixed. And I kinda felt abandoned by RTG in the end.


I really hope for those of you whose journey didn't come to an end yet, you will recieve your rewards or at least get a word from RTG what will happen.


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