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Looking back, after playing through all 3 titles

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Posted 17 December 2017 - 17:53

The Longest Journey really opened my eyes to previously unimagined possibilities. To me it was always a lot deeper than a work of fiction. It was always a fusion of pure art, poetry and philosophy as well spirituality. Now, that was just my experience. That made my expectations very high for a sequel and also for Chapters. 

I always felt it was one of the staples of adventure games. It was so beautifully made, and to me it's timeless. It doesn't age, it has a story and narrative depth that just never loses it's appeal. 

We have to thank Ragnar for his genius in ever coming up with such a beautifully crafted story. It made me look for the magic in every day life. 
I started to experience synchronicity daily, and became very interested in parallel worlds, relativity and the nature of consciousness. I became familiar with concepts like "thought forms", or "potential wave forms". I researched particles in motion and the nature of spacetime (relativity.) 

As time went on, the Longest Journey started to feel very intuitive to me. The idea of alternate states of reality, nothing in the game feels impossible to me any longer. Though, of course it's a manner of perception. I'm not here to convince any one of these possibilities. 

Before playing this game, I had come across the idea of observers influence, the measurement problem ( paradox), the many world's interpretation... 

I even came across the idea of "reality shifting". Interdimensional portals, the collective unconsciousness. After playing, I continued to expand my horizons and found what mystics call the VOID, the physical vacuum as it is called in field theory, it contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms , in turn are not independent physical entities but merely transient manifestations of the underlying Void. 

To me, this game has more substance, depth than anything that could follow.

I like to see Ragnar as a creative genius, an intuitive, an intellectual. I put him on a very high pedestal. 

I was a little disheartened to see how April ended up but that was his decision.I've always wanted to properly tell him how mind bending his original story was, whether or not it was his intention. It sent me on a deep spiritual journey. Let's not even get started on his dialogue on time. It's a beautiful game, a brilliant game. 

It's pure poetry. April Ryan to me, was like a love letter written in poetry, a medium through which I could experience this incredible transition into this new world of pure imagination and new possibilities. I fell in love with the game immediately and the character.

When she fell into depression with the second title it broke my heart. I felt a deep longing for her. I related to her as we both share a passion for the arts. At the time I found the first title, strange things had already begun to happen to me. I started studying psychology, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, as well as metaphysics and philosophy. 

To me, this game will always mean more to me than it will most. It feels like a part of me and who I was always meant to be. 

Where as I have a hard time accepting the harshness of what happened, the reality of events... I am ever grateful to have seen this journey get started. 

The dialogue towards the end with abnaxus, is as beautiful and brilliant as EVER! Ragnar really delivered . I feel that I had a difficult time with Chapters because of my connection to the first title, my love and adoration for April Ryan.

I admit that Ragnar threw me through a loop with Dreamfall and Dreamfall Chapters. He broke my heart. Though, he was the creator of this world he created. It's a very personal thing to him I'd imagine, close to his own heart. That's what he wanted to do with it. 

I think it's hard for some people to accept the conclusion they are given to something they love and adore so deeply, something they place so much meaning and significance into their selves. I found so much in the first game, so much depth and meaning I was totally taken in by it. 

To me it's a masterpiece. I guess that made me a bit spoiled in regards to the sequel and Chapters, it made me a bit egocentric towards the sequels. 

I just want to say that I have immense gratitude towards Ragnar, and I am thankful for what he's given the world. I am am happy to see him be able to finish what he started in the way he wanted. 

To me I'll always value and love the first title, nothing can change that. I wasn't entirely happy with the sequels but they did continue my spiritual journey. I am ever grateful. 

Looking back on it all now, it's sort of like a dream. I still feel most connected personally to the first game as it personally had the deepest impact upon me. It left the largest impression with me. Whether or not it was intended to have such a lasting impression on it's audience.

Congratulations to all involved, especially Ragnar for ending the narrative of such a brilliant vision. To me, the first game will always leave itself open. It's just too deep and brilliant to ever really reach any conclusions. It just keeps you thinking and in a state of wonder, pure imagination. Though for those who only want to see the story end, the sequels have done that. Finite endings are often harder to accept. 

Thank you all, sincerely. 

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