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Finally playing after all this time

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Posted 24 July 2017 - 22:53

So yup, as the title says. I just finished chapter 1, putting on food and such so decided to post here with my initial impressions. I am liking it so far, zoey's story so far in the starting city seems a little slow with mostly unrelated(that I can tell at least) things about political parties I know nothing about. I am finding it a little harder to get into her side of the story because of this. Still, living with not reza and meeting the little girl and a few other things are keeping me interested. Shitbot was pretty fun too, I liked that :)


I really like the way the dialogue choices are done, with an extended voiced description of each of them. It's a step above any other game I've played that way.


Not sure I like the very in your face balance shifts. Seems a little out of place to me, like they belong in something like audiosurf.


One thing I will say is that a lot of effort went into crafting zoey's bottom. Poor kian didn't get the same love :( I mention this because I felt like it was so in my face, with the camera being placed just perfectly so you can see it popping out at you.


Anyways those are the things that really stood out to me. Back to fooding and DFCing.





Why can't I make a copy of the data for that political metal head guy?.... :\


Zoey's story has gotten much much more interesting. I am quite into it now.




Just finished the game. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I didn't have the heart wrenching emotional train wreck that I got with dreamfall:TLJ when all the stuff with faith was discovered, but it was still engaging and very enjoyable. I hardly buy any games at full price anymore because so many are terrible ports or infested with DRM or any number of other things but I found this to be worth the launch price I picked it up for.


One thing I really liked is that this had very little to make me cringe. No dreadful voice acting like in DF:TLJ, no terrible combat system. Zoey not being able to give a copy of the campaign files to the chrome head guy and the hand was probably the worst thing. Zoey, studying neural programming in 2220 cannot copy files.....so sad, petal, no wonder mira let you do anything but test the bots.


I also liked that this game felt a little more adult....more real than a lot of other things I watch or play. For example the mole I thought was a great character who I really felt bad for when she told her story.....but then she is going around murdering children at the same time. Not evil, not good. Just someone who was hurt unimaginably and lashing out. I enjoy having things being more grey than straight black or white.



Also westhouse. I never trusted him from the moment I first saw him in dreamfall:TLJ. Maybe it's because I played dreamfall before the original longest journey but I always had a very strong distrust of him which stayed with me when I played TLJ and finally DFC. To finally see him being a dink is validation of a feeling I could never explain.





Anyways I will keep checking back here incase there is another kickstarter for the next game in the series...or book, or whatever. I would very much like to know what happens next.

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