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TLJ / Dreamfall Tabletop or LARP?

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 23:13

I accidentally posted this question in the Dreamfall Chapters forum, before realizing there was also one for the whole saga. I'd have deleted it, but there doesn't seem to be a way. So my apologies for the cross-posting. If there's a moderator who wants to delete that other one, please feel free.

Ever since playing TLJ, I've felt strongly that this is a world (well, worlds) that I'd love to be able to explore in a more freeform, open-world sort of way. The established storyline so far is what it is, and includes plenty of character choice... but there must be so many parts of Stark, Arcadia, and of course the other worlds that we haven't seen at all yet. The TLJ / Dreamfall universe is so rich, I feel like I could run games in it for years without any chance of running out of adventures to have or things to say.

So I wonder if anyone else would have interest in a TLJ / Dreamfall tabletop role-playing game. I have a bit of game design and writing experience, but I also have other projects right now, so I might not be the best choice for lead developer. I'd love to write some of it, though.

Nor do I have any kind of licensing agreement with Red Thread or Funcom. I'm just trying to gauge interest at this point, in the hope that if there is enough, someone will take notice and hopefully get the ball rolling. Even if I'm not involved at all, I feel in my bones that this is a game that should exist. It could include all sorts of lore and character types that had to be cut from the first three games for whatever reason. What do you all think?

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 23:43

In my Pirates of the Caribbean Art Book, one of the things that stuck with me are the very first words of director Gore Verbinski: "I did not set out to create a world, but rather to tell a tale, the by-product of which became the world of these three films". I see The Longest Journey universe to be very similar. The three stories that we've witnessed are at the very core of their being, and the worlds and realities were constructed around them, in many cases only to be later dismantled to further the plot. 


Because those worlds have been constructed just for them and their story, April, Zoƫ and Kian are experiencing the ultimate adventure that these worlds have to offer. They're saving the Worlds, saving the Balance, saving the Dream, and of course they're changing all of these things tremendously in the process.


I must say, such a scenario doesn't feel great for a p&p group. :ph34r:


To begin with, I couldn't really think of a sensible scenario. The group would probably start out small, discover both worlds, so they'd have to be Shifters (ALL OF THEM), or Songstresses or even *gasp* Dreamers, but that would already just be rehashing the games. And what would they do in those worlds? The Worlds are already saved, the Balance secure, the Dream is dreamt on. The plot would have to involve both worlds as well, and there would have to be some back-and-forth... njaarrghhh no, dammit, I'm not going anywhere sensible right now. Maybe when I had a good sleep. ;)

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Posted 22 October 2016 - 02:16

I really suck at merging threads. -_-


I think I finally got this one as it should be, though. >>; 


But yeah, I've considered how to do a P&P RPG based on or inspired by the TLJ series in the past, but I keep running up against some of the same sticking points V mentioned. I think someone actually had a thread with some mechanics stuff they'd been kicking around for a game. I don't remember what system. I'm kinda busy at the moment, but when I get a second I'll see if I can find it. Or maybe I'll forget and someone else will beat me to it. 


But yeah. I think the feel of the world would translate pretty well to a rules-light system (though that's me being biased, as those are my preferred systems). Something like FATE or Powered By Apocalypse could be options. I feel like a really crunchy system like d20 would be a bit of a drag on everything because there are just so many moving parts. 


But I just don't know how to make it work. Without being able to travel between Stark and Arcadia, the game would lose something. So would everyone have to play a Shifter? That introduces a lot of problems and be a limiting element. But a game that doesn't incorporate both worlds wouldn't really be all that different than any other Fantasy or Cyberpunk themed RPG out there. You could use Marcuria or Newport or whatever as templates and inspiration for another game with a similar theme. 


I've also wondered about trying to use these worlds within MCG's The Strange RPG, since traveling between different world-things is already a game mechanic. But I haven't gotten to really dig around with that. 


So. I guess the TL;DR answer would be - Yes, I find the idea interesting, but I have some issues re: feasibility. 



Oh, and a random note in regards to licensing since that was briefly mentioned... I think trying to do anything even remotely "official" would be a nightmare. Funcom still owns all the rights to TLJ and the original Dreamfall, but DFC belongs to RTG...so that complicates things right out the gate. A more likely option would either be a totally free fan project and hope you don't get shut down or use the series as an inspiration, but make it different enough that it's not a copyright issue. ...Which honestly might be what needs to happen to fix some of the aforementioned feasibility issues. 



Oh, also hi new person! Welcome! :D

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Posted 22 October 2016 - 06:47

Thanks for the warm welcome. Just off the top of my head, I think this game might work as a Planescape meets Canterbury Tales kind of thing. It would be set in the house of all worlds, which we already know is basically outside of time and its own room from which you can get anywhere, not unlike Sigil the city of doors. It could be random travelers telling tales of their adventures, each narrating while the other players play supporting characters... Or perhaps it's after Stark and Arcadia have united once more, and travel to the new Earth would reveal a whole new science fantasy setting incorporating elements of both. And then there are other worlds and times to visit... The homeworld of the Kin perhaps, or whatever the Guardian's realm was before the tower was built, or the time of the first Shifters, or of course the Storytime. And it wouldn't be inconceivable for Lady Alvane to one day have boarders, both to take in strays in need of a safe home and to help her with errands she can't perform herself.

We know that the House can be warded with magic, so it stands to reason it can also be reached through magic. Which means there is likely a technological way to get there also, or will be one day (and time is no object in the House). So... As I see it, being a Shifter or Dreamer would help, but isn't really necessary to play.
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