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Graphics issues (glitches and lag) on OSX with Radeon 6750M

osx mac lag slow 6750m bug unity

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Posted 16 July 2016 - 02:47

Today was meant to be the day: After years of hoping that the TLJ will get a sequel, and months waiting for book 5 to come out before starting it, I could finally sit in front of my computer and enjoy it!


But sadly, seems I can't enjoy it (yet) :)
I'm running OSX Mavericks on a mid-2011 21" mac
with an AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB
and quadcore 2.5GHz i5 CPU (I5-2400S)
while not the best gaming machine, it's never given me trouble (being an adventure gamer myself); I've even played Witcher 2 EE/Bioshock 2/Deus ex 3 with very high settings, with no issues whatsoever - but seems DFC is giving me a lot of trouble!
lag issue:
1)The game is sluggish whether I run it at the lowest possible settings/resolutions, or everything maxed out (even though there is some slight difference in the frame-rate, the lag is there)! 
What is strangest is that when the game is "minimized" in the background everything stays sluggish; moving the cursor, scrolling, everything lags as if something is crunching my CPU! The Activity Monitor doesn't show any stress though: CPU utilization 5-10%, lots of free RAM too... Same behavior even when everything is at the lowest setting.
visual glitch:
2)In the starting location (
) there are some visual artifacts. At first I thought it was volumetric light gone wrong - some unsupported GL_EXT_, but changing it from low to high and vice versa had no effect. Actually, any setting that I tried changing, had no effect. I even went to the .plist file to disable bloom/flare/and manually 0 the volumetric light, but to no avail (besides whenever I enter the game, it overwrites the .plist changes I've made from Xcode).
I've attached the Unity console log and a screenshot of the artifacts.
I'm out of ideas; Anybody who could come up with some suggestion? (other than ditching my poor old imac)

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