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The truth of what is happening in Dreamfall

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Posted 09 July 2016 - 13:04

With this you will be able to explain everything in dreamfall.

I will tell the story, you have to get it out to the world,people need to know.

The future is now in your hands .


In real life ,in everybody inside them post 2000,has been installed globally

a BioAPI( Biological Application Programming Interface) .It is nanotechnology.This comes from chemtrails.

It installs parallel systems to the human body,encapsulating neurons and causing

everykind of monitoring of thought,sight,hearing and influencing them. People can be made

to believe,think and act whatever they are being told to, thinking it comes from them!

The other end of the global remote monitoring system is a huge artificial intelligence

super computer. There even dreams can be monitored and manipulated beaming to a person

a synthetic false reality as a dream. Because dreams,imagination,thoughts,hope and faith  

are what is shaping the future,the future is being controlled now by the New World Order via

these bio-technologies.


There is so much to it.But IT IS REAL and it is happening NOW! 

Everyone is WIred,merging partially with machine and the possibilities of it

are so many.


References that prove this .Feel free to add more


1-The cat is being used as a spy for those in control. This is possible via ocular nano implants installed

in the eyes of the cat(if i remember correctly the cat's eyes shine) or via monitoring of the brain region

that has to do with sight as these signals are being decoded and imagery can be formed back to the super computer

(think about the movie minority report and how the guy that wants to kill his wife,how his thoughts are being viewed real time in the AI super computer,and he is being accused guilty of his thoughts

and also the future can be predicted based on his thoughts to commit a crime).If you think about it

dreams can be viewed partly as concurrent thoughts anyway,they contain imagery.

.The possibilities are endless and the technical details don't matter.You get the image.

In real life every animal can be used a spy and every human person.They can gather information

monitoring what others see.


2- Reza is not 'him'. His personality has been stripped away as he is being a total robot as 

he is under this technology heavily.His thoughts are not yours,his moves not his,he is totally controllable

by these guys .It 'looks' like he is setting up traps for Zoe,but it is not him that does it but the handlers behind him.

He is an unconscious puppet ,a controllable player like in a video game ,he carries the will of his handlers.


3-The whole dreamfall game looks like a bad joke,and it is as most everyone is being played by others.

It is made to 'look' like a conspiracy against Zoe ,it is not.The reality of Zoe then is being warped and

it creates obstacles on her way to expose the conspiracy.This game is VERY REAL in what it happens

in real life.


4- The bio-engineering element is being depicted in the game,as a reference to the control of human beings via 

the BioAPI technology.


5-Eingana is the super computer where dreams are being gathered and manipulated.Where all of control

is taking place on the other end.

Original thoughts ,fantasies,imagination can be suppresed  in people,so as one reality will be formed

and people are just robots thinking and dreaming foreign stuff.


6-The two dragon girls,also are being played by this technology.In dreamfall chapters we know that Hanna and her girlfriend are wired to the Dreamer,again a reference to the BioAPI ,and so are being controlled.They are being used

just to scare Zoe,they are not into against him not into scaring him.They are just being used,thats why they don't steal her precious thing that she carried with her.


7-Elena Chang being Zoes daughter,it is maybe a reference that she is her handler.

She knows her name before having met ever as all is being monitored.She works in these bio-labs

it is either also controllable by others or a handler.


8- Faith is what they are trying to steal away from people.When Zoe unconsciously removes faith

from dreamtime,the bad guy gets away with it and the dreamer continues without any problem.

Zoe was being played and manipulated to do this .Faith is a strong thought towards a specific reality

that the person wants to see in the physical.Faith in your dreams can bring what once was virtual reality in dreamtime

to the physical.And they don't want this.They want to control the future,so they want to take away faith,hope,

imagination,thoughts and natural dreaming.


9-'Save dreaming' aka save the free will of others to shape their lifes and future based on their OWN dreams.

Free will is dying by the transhumanist agenda.It happens right now.


10-Of course the EYE knows where Zoe is being anywhere anytime,and what Olive does with these

so called masking mobile phones programmes is a joke(in real life would be a joke).The BioApi ,the matrix is inside us

thats why we can;t see it.


11- The Victory Hotel, is a reference of how some innocent human beings are being used for mind control

and beaming of virtual realities ,control and all kinds of stuff.


Feel free to add.


Well guys there are more,and i know i haven't done a great job into it.But it is real.

It all happened as Zoe said in the end.It is 100% real .








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