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Ridiculous walking framerate and lip sync

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Posted 21 June 2016 - 00:37

After Redux installed, my some scenes would become choppy (ex. The opening scene of Zoe and Wonkers and wondering the room, the scientists dying). Along with some other visual bugs, the two most recurring are:

1) When characters that I am not controlling walk, their body glitches back and forth between two locations on their path, until the suddenly appear whole in their destination. This applies to a majority of Book Five and, having gone back I noticed it's now affecting earlier books as well. Vamon moved with extreme teleportation, and both he and Warden in Kian's opening scene had a lot of trouble turning their heads, as well as the second problem which is

2) Lip syncing is off in a number of scenes. These scenes seem to be affected by a general lag as character movements are choppy and twitchy, and walking involves spawning two ghostly twins oscillating between a location in front and behind. 


I play on Steam. I have reinstalled my local content,but my old saves remain? A entirely new game has these bugs and reloading an old file yields the same results. I have turned V Sync off and on again, altered my graphics heavily. My sound and video drivers are up to date. 



Radeon HD 7700 video card

I'm not sure what my CPU is but it's of similar caliber


I had extreme visual lag when the game first came out. I don't remember how I fixed it, but I haven't had any trouble since, until the Redux update came out. 

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