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April and Saga

April saga connection

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 01:29

April Ryan was only truly in Chapters for about 2 seconds when she says "funny bird"...

The rest of her dialogue was phoned in , wooden and soul less. It was phoned in plot centered, Zoe story, Kian story material... it actually had very little do with TLJ, and April Ryan... and we learned nothing about April Ryan's rebirth. We're not even sure that she was Saga reborn...

Her story ended with Dreamfall, even if she was included. April Ryan didn't have an REAL dialogue or presence in chapters, she could of just as easily been replaced by Casper the Friendly ghost almost. 

The story may have justified the presence of her character but she's only there for about 2 second... the rest is very generic, bland. 

It would of been nice to have more story for the ACTUAL april, not dream cycles or kian or zoe... but a couple seconds of real story from April Ryan so that we could actually have the rest of HER story... instead we got a ghost, echo.... with phoned in dialogue and some dream cycle nonsense and dialogue about kian... it was she was a robot...

April Ryan wasn't really in Chapters. The gesture was nice, but it wasn't..."honest", her presence wasn't "genuine".

I would like just a few moments of Real April Ryan, discussing her transformation, change. It would be nice  to get personal with her again and to understand and appreciate her role, her own personal role.  Right now,  her place in the saga  just feels so distant, remote and alien...

10 years pass and we get " I was reborn" "funny bird", that's it... There's no story there for April Ryan. There's no character there, no soul... 

I just feel like she needed a little more of her own time. The game needed to focus more exclusively on her, and her part of the story. even if it were just for one scene. They had their chance to do that... and instead all we got as blah blah blah dream cycle, blah blah Kian... Zoe...

We wanted to see a proper ending to HER story, not Kians or Zoes, even if she is no doubt connected to those roles... It would of been nice to have more of APRIL's story... Not even her rebirth necessarily, but to understand her "spiritual" journey into the rebirth. Instead we got a lifeless, drone like April with wooden dialogue about Kian, dreaming and Zoe... helping Zoe on her quest and then she mysteriously walks off leaving everyone in a state of confusion... Aside from being important in Dreamfall Chapters, she wasn't actually important... you could have replaced her with some one else. Her role was needed but... her presence wasn't actually there, she was just there because she had to be. 

The rebirth would have been wayyy smoother and better for some of us if they actually showed April Ryan transitioning, regaining her faith and then being reborn as Saga... instead April is dead, a life less ghost, walks off into light and we never know what the hell happens to her...

Her story doesn't really continue with Chapters, we get an "echo"... and we don't even know what the heck happens to her...
Her presence is maybe there for 2 seconds of the entire game...

If she is Saga I wish they would have made that clearer and shown April being reborn, and explained the special connection she has to Saga.

What I'd like to see is April finding her faith again, and Saga being April Ryan reborn of faith and Saga carrying april's will, faith , courage and memories...that would be special. That would be cute...It would be cute if Saga had April's heart. instead we get two very different characters... Saga doesn't seem to understand, know, or appreciate the connection she has to April and fans don't know what the hell that is either...

What does Saga have that April doesn't? She has faith and a new beginning, a second chance april doesn't have... But if April is Saga reborn she gets her second chance and she has renewed faith as Saga...

A big problem I had with Chapters is that it didn't really capture April's character... But, Saga did remind me a little of April. So if Saga is April that's beautiful. I'll be able to sleep at night pretending the game said that Saga has April's heart, because that's sweet and I can get behind that. 


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Posted 30 June 2016 - 02:07

I think Saga and April are the same person and they are NOT the same person. The house of all worlds and Saga are outside time and that is how old Saga can meet young April. April needed to be reborn into the much more powerful Saga so she could help her past self as well as others. I guess I sort of see it as time travelling?

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#103 Mime Paradox

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 22:57

I feel that if Saga is April reincarnated, there is as much of April in her as there is Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) in Korra (The Legend of Korra).  It's a bond, certainly, and who April was certainly informs who Saga is in ways both subtle and less subtle, but in the end, they are separate characters. Saga is Saga: Lady Alvane, adopted daughter of Kian and princess of his kingdom, explorer and adventurer extraordinaire, who lived to a happy old age.  April is April: worlds savior, collector of names, Likho romancer, freedom fighter, whose life was snuffed out too soon. What connects them, to me, is far from the most interesting thing about them. 

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Posted 04 July 2016 - 18:25

I'm sure that's not Ragnar's message...but I too stumbled on this contraddiction. That's part of why I don't like the rebirth thing (not in the way it's portrayed in this game anyway)

I think that is a good point.  I think the only way we'll truly know is once The Longest Journey Home is finished.  (and knowing Ragnar, we may not even know then.)

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Posted 04 July 2016 - 19:46

I think that is a good point.  I think the only way we'll truly know is once The Longest Journey Home is finished.  (and knowing Ragnar, we may not even know then.)


I'm afraid this saga is done...for a long while...long like....very long.


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