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#581 Crrooss


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Posted 02 February 2018 - 17:18

Finally, I played all 5 books. Well, I could write tons of text about the game, but shortly ...
What I like:
Technical aspects of the game - it works smoothly and looks surprisingly good for an indy game - it's better than I expected
Open world segments - I really appreciate that RTG decided to create open segments of the world that we can explore (Propast, Marcuria), games like Life Is Strange or all Telltale titles do not have this
Political references, pop culture, deathcamps from WW2 in Ge'en
The whole decision making system, some decisions were really tough
The entire story of Saga - she was neutral for me until the fourth book, I think, but after finishing the whole game it changed. We've seen her whole life from a child to an old lady. It has a lot of potential to use in the next games!
Shitbot, Enu, Crow (obviously!) characters
What I do not like
Some of the characters missed the personality. Like a Shepherd or a Bob who can see. They were just unimportant for me
The unused potential of the created "free world", I would love to talk with more people, get additional tasks to do, read some newspapers / books / websites.
The world of "Stark" plays a marginal role in the entire story of Dreamfall Chapters. I feel it is a bit unbalanced. The whole story focuses on Arkadia. In the first Dreamfall, both Stark and Arcadia were very important - in "Stark" we visited Casablanca, Newport, spied in Waticorp, in the Chapters it feels a bit rushed, we have a whole "bombing" and political plot and conspiracy, but this is it.
Lots of new characters, instead of recalling old ones
Instead of visiting copletly new city of Europolis, I would prefer to see an old Casablanca or Newport. 
So, it's still great game, but it misses some of the orginal "The Longest Journey" soul.

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#582 bird


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 09:37

I want all the games made for linux MINT. I will no longer mess with microsoft. I have never played the first games. I would like them brought to linux MINT. I have only played chapters. I liked it but it seemed unfinished.

#583 iwulBRAND


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Posted 22 February 2018 - 14:59

So, I've finished the game, recently and I'm mostly happy, with some 'buts'. The game runs quite well on my 2014 laptop (most settings low, still looked 10 times better than original Dreamfall). Some mechanics choice were good, some bad. Getting rid of the combat system from Dreamfall was an amazing choice - makes the narrative more complex (can't just add the fight wherever there's some guard or things like that). However I miss that blue bar helping you identify all the interactive object in sight - has been more useful in the pixel hunts than the current system, which is misleading. The interaction icon, appearing on the edge of vision and after turning the camera sliding through whole screen can be puzzling. 



Overall, the game was a wonderful finish to the story, but I hope to see more of the Multiverse, maybe the War of Balance arc?

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