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Zoe`s character in architecture and heroes of Propast.

Propast Zoe

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#1 SantaMonica99


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Posted 10 December 2015 - 22:41

(First, I need to sorry for my English. Editors may edit.)
Okay. The forth episode was awesome and blah-blah-blah but some questions and theories still bother me a lot. Zoe woke up, as she said, "for real this time". So, we got the idea that Propast wasn`t real (there are different theories, but still) - all these encrypted messages on screens and everything (there are more signs here). But I think all this story and Zoe`s decisions can`t be just for fun - they mean a lot for understanding her personality and every person of Propast proves it. It`s like her unconsciousness always tries to convince her consciousness to mull everything over and finally wake up. For example:

  • Dr. Roman and all this "then I don`t work, I think about work or I write about work or I read about work" thing. He looks like a representation of Zoe`s wish to understand herself better (but she`s not very good at psychology, so is Roman);
  • "Wallflower" Ada mirrors Zoe`s passion for science and her introvert self;
  • Nela shows a bit crazy and reckless Zoe`s part;

There are more examples if you`d like to explore. As for me, all these guys are a bit of extreme, they don`t feel natural and spontaneous. But there are some odd characters left too:

  • Queenie. Dragon? She knows more than she shows to Zoe. She asks her questions like "Are you alive?" and truly helps her (unlike Roman). Flying chair just makes it 20 percent cooler.
  • Hanna. I don`t know. Shifter? (April?) 
  • Falk Friedman. It looks like he cares about Zoe. But maybe he`s not just her aspiration for security, is he?
  • Girl from Storytime. Just a reminder? Could she be real?

I`m concerned there is also a space for Reza talk. Maybe it`s just her memories? After all, Reza`s disappearing`s become a start of Zoes journey. Or she just wanted to be loved by somebody?... It would be undestandable since Zoe is a bit depressed (at least she was). 


And, of course, Zoe`s is very, very afraid of the EYE. It becomes worse with every chapter. Although there are reasons to be frightened...


What do you think? What feels like more or less important for story and Zoe`s development?


I know that maybe I`ve written too much (sorry) but I think there is a need in systematization of everything we know about Propast and Zoe at all. Especially since she`s kinda God(Zodess!) now... 

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Posted 11 December 2015 - 07:02

Yeah there are a lot of mirrors to Zoe's past and events in Dreamfall in Propast.

Reza and Zoe in Europolis - they were there before Dreamfall,
Queenie - she is like White Dragon in DF - you're dreaming,
Hunt for WATIcorp conspiracy - like investigations in Newport and Japan in DF,
Frank Friedman - like Twins in DF,
Shitbot/Kidbot - like Wonkers in DF,
Mira - like Liv
Ada/bioengeerring - u huge mirror to Zoe's past in Cape Town,

Dr. Zelenka - he was a supporter likie Damien,


Quennie - find Hanna! - like White Dragon in DF - find April!

Hanna - i don't need to be saved - a mirror of April from DF?



Ragnar said that Zoe must fight her past and memories to be true reborn to the world. Like Propast was her dreamworld and she truely wake up at the end of Book Four.

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#3 khh


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Posted 11 December 2015 - 09:03

Your English is very good actually, no need to apologize for it. This isn't just a place for native speakers (in fact I think most of us have English as a second language).


My theory is that Propast is a real place, and that Zoë really was there, but that she'd Dreamt herself there in the same way she Dreams herself to Arcadia. So that her comatose body was still asleep somewhere during that time.


I like your theory too, though. I don't think I've seen the theory that Propast is an exploration of Zoë's psyche before. That is a neat interpretation, and it would be another way of having the sequence mean something despite Zoë Dreaming. It's also a fun image to have Zoë psychoanalysing her self.


Going with your theory, though, I wonder how we should interpret the rampant corruption and racism going around in Propast. Would that be another expression of the things that Zoë fear then?

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#4 CosmicD


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Posted 11 December 2015 - 09:28

If we take this rout we could also view Mr. London as another symbolic representation. When Zoë was a kid she lived in London for a while. Who would he mirror ? Alvin peats ? lol (but well kinda wonder why he would speak chinese)

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Posted 11 December 2015 - 10:42

 I think this should be transferred to PROPAST ALL A DREAM! forum because it fits in very well with what is being discussed there.

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#6 magritte


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Posted 11 December 2015 - 21:38

As I said in the other thread, I think Zoe's dreams are real.  But I think she may be able to not just dream her body into other places but change those other places.  So...Propast is no doubt a real place that Zoe has heard of and can place on the map.  But was Propast changed by Zoe's dreaming about it?  Did new characters appear in Propast as a result of Zoe's dream? They've implied that Lux dreamed the world into existence, so Zoe may be able to change the fabric of reality profoundly even if she's not doing it consciously.  So yeah, I think it's possible that Propast could reflect Zoe's subconscious yet still be a real place.

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