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Racial representation in Dreamfall Chapters and the rest of the series

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Posted 02 July 2015 - 19:09

he could have linked this thread somewhere complaining about SJWs. be prepared for more accounts to be made.

Don't worry, They're easily recognisable from their pointy white hats :)

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Posted 02 July 2015 - 19:09


And i'm sorry but: "Freedom of speech does not equal freedom of consequences." is one of the stupidest, hypocrite and veiled authoritarian things that I've heard in my life. Freedom of speech exactly is the right to say something without suffering the consequences of your words i.e being censored, fined, put to jail or killed.




So those people who call other people whores, sluts, fat, or whatever insult you can think of, should be completely free to do so?  Those same people who have caused some people so much grief that they have killed themselves?  Can you really say that they have the right to say those things because it's "free speech"?!  Really??? 


What about somebody who says they're going to kill you?  Should they just be able to say that and not at least be looked at to see if they mean it or not? 


On a less extreme level, I'd say that there are plenty of topics that would not be appropriate to discuss here.  And I think ANY mod would shut them down if they saw them. 

Similarly, there are things that you could say and do at work (or school) that would get you in trouble.  It's not illegial to say those things, but they are against company policy (and common sense) to say, and thus would land you in hot water.  Possibly end up with you being fired. 


Say I went to a part of town that is predominantly (insert race of your choice), and started talking about how all members of said race are horrible people.  Are you saying there wouldn't be consequences for my actions?  That there shouldn't be?


So no.  You can't just say whatever you want anywhere.  There are times and places to express certain thoughts, and when you express those thoughts in the wrong place and time, there are consequences. 

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Posted 02 July 2015 - 21:22

My understanding of freedom of speech goes something like this:


A person can say anything in this forum that doesn't violate the rules of conduct they agreed to when they joined it. If people feel that said person is talking BS, they are entitled to say this or even to ask them to stop saying it. Should that person refuse, then the forum has this feature called an 'ignore list' which means that you don't have to listen to them. Bye Shitbot.

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Posted 02 July 2015 - 21:49

There is a discussion about race representation to be had. It could even be had in this forum. But it's insulting our intelligence, Shitbot, to try to pretend that you ever wanted an actual discussion. You wanted to cause problems. Well done, sir, mission accomplished. But it is this underlying desire not to discuss but to create upset that Tina is quite rightly calling you on.


You know you came to cause trouble. We know. We know that you know and you know that we know. Playing silly buggers is not really what this forum is about. Had you ever actually wanted to discuss these themes in an adult fashion you would have approached the topic quite differently. So, I call FAIL on the thread.


And also like Tina, if you want to try to pretend you feel this is censorship instead of knowing full well what you were really up to then I don't care either. We're not bloody idiots, we can identify inflammatory bullshit rhetoric when we see it.

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#85 Tina


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Posted 02 July 2015 - 22:47

So yeah, I did close the thread. Maybe too late, but there you go.
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