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Feedback: Maps and Running Speed

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Posted 24 March 2015 - 15:41

The worst things about the original Dreamfall was how much backtracking, walking and running we had to do. The fighting scenes are gone, and that's good, but the long and tedious running scenes are still there.


The game feels long not because of it's content, but because how much time is wasted by reaching from point A to point B, and only after you find out where point B is. There is no mini map, and I thought that it was a nice gimmick in Book 1, but in Book 2 the gimmick is back, there is no mini map of Marcuria and the player must trust the corner-wise map-road-sign. Then we go back to Propast, and still no mini-map, even though in 2015 we already had Google Maps to show us a real life mini map of cities via GPS and WiFi.


As it is now, the game takes double the time it should because how confusing it is to find the place you need to reach, and how much time it takes to reach there.


I have two suggestions:


1. Add a mini map that shows you at least where you are. In Stark it could be an Iris app, and in Arcadia it could be a magical thingy. The mini map doesn't have to tell you where to go (like in Assassin's Creed), just where you are right now. This is only fair for players who are not as familiar to the cities as are the characters.


2. Double the running speed of characters. That button is there for a reason. If I would want to stroll and see the beautiful views, I would walk. I find myself holding the run button all the time, and it hardly makes the game less frustrating.


I believe these changes should be implanted to earlier books, as well as all future ones. The game is beautiful, but running around slowly and trying to find out where I am all the time turns the game into a tedious and annoying task, which covers the story and graphics.

And if I'm not mistaken, these are pretty easy to fix.

Thank you.

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