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Help Topic: Forum Badge License Keys

If you are a backer of Dreamfall: Chapters, you can go to your Humble Bundle "claim"-page for Dreamfall: Chapters (https://www.humblebundle.com/home) to receive your unique DFC Backer License Key.


Copy/paste this license key into the text field in "My Settings" -> "Backer License Key" on this forum (found by clicking your profile name/icon in the top-right corner). 


If your key is VALID you will see a "Settings Saved"-message and you will be added to a member group of the corresponding Backer Tier.

If for some reason the license key you added is NOT VALID, you will receive an automated error message explaining the issue.


First, make sure you entered the correct key, and if you are still receiving an error, please feel free to contact Morten (Administrator) through the forum's messaging system, or send an email to morten@redthreadgames.com.


If for some reason you received a license key of the wrong Backer Tier, please contact Morten through one of the methods above.