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#35172 Mira vs Wit - Really, really uncool (Spoilers & Anger)

Posted by Ragnar on 22 October 2014 - 09:02






Red Thread Games? I love what you've done with DFC, I'm a big fan of TLJ and DF, but wow. You guys really done goofed. One of the appeals of the TLJ/DF games is that they're pretty accepting, and we see this with two non-white protagonists in Dreamfall, the lesbian couple in TLJ, and even in DFC I've seen punks cuddling women in hijabs, and I think that's something I've always loved.


So then we get to this scene towards the end of Chapter 2. It... gets pretty awful towards the end. Moving past what sounds like Mira's awful stereotypical accent (I would be very surprised if her actress had that accent naturally), and the constant stream of swearing, when we get to 2:05 the real problems start.


1. 'Retard'? Really? Are we in a school ground or the YouTube comments here? That's not a cool word to use. I don't care if it goes with the tone of the character, because this is the first time we meet her and there's no context to her relationship with Wit. Insulting someone based on their mental facilities is just gross.

2. Autism denial. "I bet you've been faking your autism since we first met". I'm... not even going to pick that apart because if you can't think of an issue with it then... yeah. That's just out of line.


Real Indian actress, real accent. We made very sure of that.


You know, when we create and write characters, those characters are not always pleasant and they don't necessarily reflect our own point of view. Mira is an unpleasant person. She's offensive and rude and controversial. Have you never watched a film, a TV series or read a book where a character has expressed racist, misogynist, ableist views? Those people exist in real life, and so they must exist in fiction. Games should not be exempted from this, and we stand by Mira 100%. Do we think she is nice? Of course not. She's horrible. And she's supposed to be. She's a character in a world we've created. That world isn't always pleasant, and that's the point.


We're sorry to hear you regret your purchase, but this is part of our mission to bring more maturity, diversity and soul to storytelling in games. Some things will be controversial and offensive, and we always welcome discussion and disagreement, but we also stand by our choices and we accept the consequences.

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#41811 Incoming performance patch

Posted by Ragnar on 28 October 2014 - 00:44

It's been almost one week since launch, and that week has been a real roller-coaster. We've had a ton of positive feedback on the story, the atmosphere, the art, the gameplay and the game world — and some constructive criticism when it comes to performance and stability. Thank you all for your passion, your support and your feedback so far. It has been very helpful and encouraging, and we really appreciate it. 
We've also taken it all to heart — the good and the not-so-good — and the team has been hard at work squashing bugs, optimising the art and improving the code. 
Last week we patched the Linux and Mac versions to fix some ugly shader bugs — and this week we're patching all platforms to increase overall performance. 
Version 1.1. of Dreamfall Chapters will be ready for internal testing tomorrow, Tuesday. If the testing goes well and nothing major pops up, we should be able to have the patch out on Wednesday. If not, then Thursday or Friday — but this week for sure. 
We will also post proper patch notes to let you all know what's been fixed and what's changed. In the meantime, the highlights are:
  • Windows 64-bit version. We hope this will fix a few of the memory-related problems some players have been reporting. 
  • A rare bug where players get a black screen when entering certain locations in Europolis. Currently, a reload usually fixes the problem, but there is now a permanent and proper fix. 
  • General performance. We've done a lot of visual optimisation to reduce draw-calls and to improve frame-rate. 
  • Added visual settings to allow players to tweak depth-of-field effect and shadow draw distance. 
  • Gameplay optimisation, mostly for non-player characters, to reduce CPU load. 
  • Some tweaks to the choice and consequence system, to better visualise when things change based on your decisions.
  • There are more fixes and changes in patch 1.1. and once it goes live, we will post the patch notes.
In the meantime, we want to thank you all for you continued patience and support! We know that some of you have been experiencing problems since launch, and we sincerely hope this upcoming patch will fix at least some of them.

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#32946 Early access is GO!

Posted by Ragnar on 21 October 2014 - 00:14

Holy shit, peoples:
The game is now LIVE on Steam for everyone who backed us with $75 or more via Kickstarter or PayPal.
This is unreal.
You can visit your Humble account page to grab your Steam key. If you need instructions to do so, inquire below and someone will assist you!
We don't have a way just yet to push out the early access version any other way, so your patience is definitely appreciated. Also, we don't have Mac or Linux versions ready — for the moment, this is Windows only. Sorry! I'm a Mac user myself, so I feel your pain.
The reason for this is quality assurance: we had to start somewhere, and we started with PC. As soon as we're comfortable with the Mac and Linux versions, those will go live on Steam, followed by Humble and GOG.com. It might take a bit of time — we obviously can't ship something that hasn't been tested — but it will happen within the next twelve hours.
We're currently six people at the Red Thread Games offices, everyone's exhausted, overly caffeinated and extremely wired, so bear with us, have patience and forgive us for any screw-ups we're bound to make in the next couple of days!
EDIT: (and P.S.) Guys, please do NOT spoil the game for those peoples who still have to wait another 16-18 hours for the official launch! We beg you!

Edit by Tina (this is scary): A thread showing how to claim the purchase on Humble Store can be found here.

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#45298 Can you kindly cut it out with this stuff?

Posted by Ragnar on 02 November 2014 - 12:59

Perfect! Because that's not what you're getting. Remember, the only real power in this game is wielded by WATIcorp, and it doesn't seem like Zoë is of the opinion that politics could do anything against that. Who of the politicians supports the Dreamer, who actually wants to do something against it? I don't think there's a single sentence in Book1 tying one of the politicians to a stance against WATIcorp. Not sure they'd ever risk that regardless of party. Remember that the totalitarian elements in this "democracy" come from the EYE, a police force controlled by the Syndicate and - seemingly - not tied to politics in any way.


You know, I'm SO happy that people are actually discussing this (rather than, you know, performance, length, pace bad language, etc.) because this is an important part of the game's background and universe. And Vainamoinen is 'right' (in as much as there is a right, and obviously without spoiling anything: he is not necessarily right about what's going to transpire in future books). Things are more complex than appearances may suggest. A lot more complex.


Also, as Vainamoinen points out, Zoë is hugely ambivalent to the politics in general — and not just the conservative (and ultra-conservative) right-wing white male candidates. She doesn't think the Marxists stand a chance, and she sees Lea Uminska as a compromise between the left and the right. Some people seem to read this as an attack on the right. It's clearly not.


Still: does anyone really think that Konstantin Wolf is *worth* defending? He represents a nationalistic, ultra-conservative far right movement hellbent on restoring a Europe that never was; an idealised, white-painted past that harkens back to the ideals of a certain other ultra-nationalistic and ultra-conservative far right movement hellbent on restoring a Europe that never was. I mean, come on, isn't that something we SHOULD be critical of?


Regardless, I'm happy to see people talking about this, as long as it stays respectful and polite. Politics are sensitive, and we do respect different points of view — as does the game, and you will learn more about that…if players actually play the game and listen, instead of assuming they're under attack for their convictions.

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#86868 Announcing our new community manager!

Posted by Ragnar on 02 June 2015 - 13:05

Hey gang,


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Ready? Are you sure? Okay, here goes:


Longtime community member, forum moderator & Friend of Red Thread, Erika Eby — AKA agirlnamedbob — has joined the RTG team as community manager, starting…yesterday!


Here's a suitable GIF illustrating how we feel about this announcement:




Yes, we're very excited.


So what will Erika be doing? She will continue to moderate this forum, of course, and interact with our backers and supporters here & elsewhere. She will also be helping us with other, long-neglected communities and busy social media channels such as the Steam/GOG forums, Facebook/Twitter, our support channel and wherever else people congregate to chat about Dreamfall Chapters.


Erika will also work with us to come up with new initiatives and ideas for how we can better manage, interact with and reward our awesome community — but that's more longterm. For now, we know that having Erika on the team will help us improve our player support and community management, and hopefully you'll all see these changes soon.


(No pressure. At all.)


Welcome to the clan, Erika!

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#77366 The Legendary Dreamfall Chapters Fan Art

Posted by Layara on 24 March 2015 - 00:38

Somehow I managed to previously miss both this thread and the art thread mentioned in the first post... Erika and Vainamoinen, I love your pieces - very different styles, but all awesome!


Here's the only fan art project I've actually finished so far:


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#130082 Book Five - Burst out your feelings

Posted by Ragnar on 19 June 2016 - 12:09

I'll just jump in here and say: thanks for the comments and feedback, reading this reminds me yet again why we're doing this in the first place (it's certainly not for the money or the workload). I've spent so much time the last two days reading tweets and emails and forum posts, and I appreciate both the good things (so, so many good things) and the less good things (plenty of valid feedback, absolutely). It's great to see that few players are dissatisfied, and that most are very happy with how Book Five played out...even though it's mixed with a ton of sadness. (We feel that, too.)


So thanks for being engaged and for caring enough to post your thoughts and feelings. Keep them coming, we're reading all of it. And while this game has ended, we've still got the 'complete edition' to come, and there are bits and pieces that were cut along the way that we might stick back in, along with clarifying some of the more confusing things with added text and/or dialogue. We're not going to retcon anything, of course, but with a bit more time on our hands, we hope to bring you the full game the way it was always meant to be.


And there are some very cool bits and pieces left on the cutting-room floor...including a whole Queenie dialogue originally meant for Book Five :)


Thanks again, folks! I really love this community, and I'm so happy to see the forum back up after days of downtime. (DDoS, maybe? The timing was suspicious, to say the least.)

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#127462 Awwwww, you guys!

Posted by Martin on 30 May 2016 - 13:36

We just had a wonderful visit from these lovely guys!

They brought us so much stuff! Everything from coffee, beer, cookies, to home baked muffins and fancy cheese! And even Svalbard fan art!


Seriously guys, this is so kind of you... We're at the office day and night these days and this means the world to us. Knowing that we have your support, and that you're thinking of us, really keeps us going. The first words uttered when they left our office was "Oh man, now we have to make it REALLY good" :)

A humble and sincere THANK YOU to everyone who made this happen, and an extra hug to Silje, Tina and Kristian for making the trip.


We were super happy to see some Svalbard art, but our art-director Christoffer in particular. It's going up on the wall! Thanks a lot Vainamoinen!


Much love and high-fives from all of us!




(Oddly enough, we didn't have to remove whatever we had on our screen this time, cause none of them wanted any spoilers. I even offered! :P )

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#16935 A Message From Ragnar FAQ Compilation

Posted by agirlnamedbob on 02 July 2014 - 06:16

As many people are aware, there was recently a rather large announcement about the decision to take Dreamfall Chapters episodic.

The announcement was made in the A message from Ragnar thread. And it immediately spawned a FLURRY of replies with several questions asked about basically everything under the sun. And Ragnar has been very diligent about answering them. However, the thread is now over 20 pages long, making finding specific discussions problematic.

To help with that, I've compiled a list of all of the topical / non-fluff posts Ragnar has made in that thread for your perusal. Some of them may be slightly snipped to remove fluff / off topic info. If you want to see the original post with the original quote it was in response to, just click the arrow in the top right corner of the quoted Ragnar post.
I will also be taking some of these responses and using them to start new threads for topics that are unrelated to the announcement.

Questions About Episodic Structure, Delivery, And Continuity:


So What's In Book One / Subsequent Books?

Questions About Recaps In Between Books:

Questions About Budget / Timeline Concerns:

Questions About Reward Distribution:

What About The Recap Of TLJ / Dreamfall?
Note: An official thread about this has been opened here.

Questions About Beta Access / Early Access / Demos

"Bigger / Better" And Factors In Going Episodic

Questions About Bad Reaction To The Episodic Model:

Backer Discontent / Questions About Crowdfunding And Backers vs. Investors

Questions About Backer Exclusivity:

Questions About TLJH / Future Games:


Questions About Changes:

Tomorrow I'm going to start topics for some of these off topic issues so they can be further discussed outside of the Message from Ragnar thread. Assuming someone else hasn't already.
EDIT: Updated. Now with 10% more spoiler tags. May do a little more formatting of individual questions when I have the time. 
EDIT 2.0: Added information about slacker backing / physical copy availability under "Reward Distribution"
EDIT 2.1: Further clarification added under "Reward Distribution."
EDIT 2.2: A note about episodic structure and future games added under "Questions About TLJH / Future Games."


EDIT 3.Uh Oh:  I think this is my last edit guys. The code in the OP is getting so bulky that it's breaking as I try to edit it and the page is freezing up on me. Ragnar's latest answers from the thread have been added under Structure/Delivery/Continuity, Budget / Timeline, and Reward Distribution.

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#42104 The Church of Shitbot

Posted by CosmicD on 28 October 2014 - 14:25

The Commandments of Shitbot (work in progress):


-Thou shalt strive to weld at all times. Only through welding can one find true happiness.

-Thou shalt be wary of assassins. They are everywhere.

-Thou shalt be wary of rejection. Make somebody else ask for you.

-Thou shalt not try to fix things. This will only make them worse.

-Seek not companionship amongst other bots. Thou hast a bad feeling about them.

-Pigeons are ok.

My full welding song (WIP)

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#81034 The Legendary Dreamfall Chapters Fan Art

Posted by Vainamoinen on 12 April 2015 - 10:00


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#80511 The Legendary Dreamfall Chapters Fan Art

Posted by Hassan Bassam on 08 April 2015 - 00:05


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#76895 The Legendary Dreamfall Chapters Fan Art

Posted by Vainamoinen on 22 March 2015 - 20:54


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#74226 What we're working on for v2.0.1

Posted by Ragnar on 16 March 2015 - 17:47

I just posted this on Steam, and since there's no one else here to do it for me, I'm being a Good Boy and posting it myself. Yay me.


We're really happy to see that the majority of players are enjoying Book Two — feedback has been very positive — but we are also aware of a few bugs that some players have reported and encountered. 

We're therefore working on a patch — version 2.0.1 — scheduled for later this week. We can't promise a specific release date yet, since things have to be fixed, implemented and tested before we can release, but here's what's on our task list for this patch: 
  • If you talk to Reza before visiting Dr Roman, you get an extra goal that never disappears. This doesn't block anything, but it's annoying. (Confirmed fixed for this patch.) 
  • If you go to the Pandemonium and speak to Mira before meeting Baruti, you will always get the introduction for the neural programming career path. Nothing breaks, but it's confusing! (Confirmed fixed for this patch.) 
  • Mr London confrontation from Chapter 2: the goon says a line twice. (Confirmed fixed for this patch.) 
  • Mac OS-X: animations jittering during cinematics. (Confirmed fixed for this patch.) 
  • Mac OS-X: Occasional crashes during startup. We don't yet know the cause of this — could be Unity-related — but we're trying to find a fix. 
  • The WATI adbot in Chapter 4 can sometimes get stuck. If this happens, progress is blocked. This is a high priority bug. A temporary fix is to reload a previous save; usually the adbot will start moving again. 
  • There are reports of Bip disappearing during the walk to the National Front meeting in Chapter 3. You can fix this by reloading a previous save, or by reaching the location of the meeting — in which case Bip will always reappear. This is also a high priority bug. 
  • The Azadi messenger can sometimes get stuck along his route in Chapter 3. This is high priority, since it blocks progress. A temporary fix is to reload a previous save. 
  • Mission collision in the Enclave, Marcuria and Europolis. Players have reported walking through a closed door and getting stuck inside scenery. We're fixing this. 
  • Game time frozen on Mac laptops after the game has been paused, the laptop goes to sleep, and the player attempts to un-pause the game. We have not gotten any reports about this, but we have encountered it ourselves. Until the patch is out, reloading a previous save fixes the problem. (Confirmed fixed for this patch.) 
  • Consequences/important dialogue notification toggle. By popular demand, we'll be adding this toggle to the options menu. 
  • New icon for identifying the Azadi collaborator. Some players report being confused by the use of the hand-icon for apprehending the suspect. 
  • Journal update. Zoë's journal in chapters 4 and 5 are missing some entries. These will be added. 
  • Force mouse visible during dialogue options (Steam overlay issue). In some cases, we have seen the mouse cursor vanish. This will be fixed. 
  • The 'continue' button on the main menu will be removed or greyed out when 'Start Book X' is available, to avoid confusion. Continue always loads the last save game, and does not start a new book. 
  • All German text implemented. The voice-overs are arriving in a subsequent audio patch, but 2.0.1 will have the missing German subtitles and text. 
  • Mac OS-X crash with certain ATI cards in the Enclave: we have received some reports about this, but we are unable to reproduce. We will try to fix this issue as soon as possible, hopefully for 2.0.1. 
  • Save game update: save games will now be preceded by the chapter number, to make save game organisation a bit easier.
Please note that some issues may be moved off the list if we are unable to reproduce or fix them, and new issues may be added if anything pops up in the meantime. 
Thanks for your support and patience, and we will let you know when v2.0.1 is live, hopefully later this week!

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#93748 Racial representation in Dreamfall Chapters and the rest of the series

Posted by Ragnar on 02 July 2015 - 14:32

I'm sure this is all just a tremendous coincidence. After all, where in the course of three games would Ragnar have the time or opportunity to introduce a positive White male character, or a negative non-White character??




This is the most fucked up, useless and offensive observation I've read this week — and that includes the Steam forums. I stay away from most discussions these days, because the Internet is an increasingly depressing and upsetting place, but I'd hoped shit like this wouldn't poison our official forum. And since you called me out personally, I feel I'm entitled to respond.


Our team is predominantly white and male. That's unfortunate, and hopefully something we can change in the long term — but hey, we live in Norway and we work in the game industry. Them's the shakes, as they say. As white males, we have absolutely nothing against our own gender or ethnicity, except that it gets dull. We have enough white maleness in our daily lives. Diversity is fun, colourful, inspiring. It makes creating worlds and writing stories more interesting.


I actually believe we've failed miserably at diversity in the past. April was white and straight. Zoë — despite her mixed heritage; she's part Chinese — is, by all appearances, white and straight. Kian has darkish skin, but he also has predominantly Caucasian features (modelled after Persians) and he's played by a white actor. Crow… Well, he's a bird, but he's also played by a white guy. Westhouse, Emma, Mickey, Fiona, Burns Flipper, Benrime Salmin, Freddie Melon, Captain Nebevay, Gordon — TLJ was populated with mostly white characters (along with some magical peoples, and most of those were played by white actors). Looking back, I'm actually embarrassed by the lack of diversity, but the world was a different place and I didn't know any better.


We were conscious of this and tried to introduce more diversity in Dreamfall, but a lot of the new cast — Brynn, Blind Bob, Reza, Gabriel, Crazy Clara, Garmon Koumas, Minstrum Magda — was still white…or at least non-coloured.


(You'll notice that I've also listed characters who are NOT the antagonists or Big Bads of the story. Yep, there are a LOT of positive white characters in this saga. I'd say there's a definite imbalance in favour of European/American whiteness.)


We've once again tried to be more diverse with Dreamfall Chapters, simply to keep it more interesting and real, to challenge ourselves and to reflect our changing world. That goes for everyone — the bad girls, the good guys, the people in-between. Mira's a jerk, and she's Indian. Likho's a bit of a dick, and he's played by a black guy. Magnus is a great guy, and he's as white as they come (and please don't give me any shit about how he's a "bad father"; he's a single dad, struggling to be a positive role model for his daughter while mourning the loss of his wife. As a father myself, that role was written from the heart, and if Magnus is a bad dad, then so am I).


I know you're trolling, and I'm sure I'm giving you exactly what you want right now, but this kind of shit frustrates, annoys and upsets me greatly. We don't have a "political agenda"…other than to try and represent a world where there aren't just white guys, but a mix of good people and bad people of all colours, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Like the real world. Because if our fictional worlds stayed as white as they were in Dreamfall and TLJ, they would appear ridiculously outdated, which ruins the fiction. I think we're still not there, but at least we're on par with other media now. I'm not ashamed of a lack of diversity in Chapters.


But hey, perhaps this is not the real world you live in. Maybe you live in a world where your whiteness and maleness is under constant threat from increased diversity and acceptance of others who may not look, speak or act like us. And if that's the case…maybe it's time you reflected a bit on your values and position, or you'll be left far, far behind.

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#23140 DFC Unofficial Album (discussion)

Posted by Ragnar on 28 August 2014 - 08:26

Good news, everyone!


(Please read that in your best Professor Farnsworth voice.)


After seeing all the positive initiative in this thread, and after a brief chat with our chief code dude this morning, we've decided to put support for music modding high up on our to-do list. In other words, you'll be able to place your own music into a directory and have it play throughout Europolis — and, later, Marcuria.


It's not the same as having the music be part of the game proper, but it's a decent compromise. And if our community creates an unofficial compilation album, we will definitely make sure players know about it. Without making it seem like we're taking advantage, of course.


And, hey, if you want Taylor Swift to blast out of every bar and radio in Europolis, you'll have that option, too.

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#70092 Kickstarter update #78

Posted by Ragnar on 10 March 2015 - 18:52

In one hundred years we'll be laughing at this. Except we'll be dead.


Maybe YOU will be dead. In a hundred years, I'll still be responding to angry posts on Steam.

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#47007 anyone else disapointed that...

Posted by Ragnar on 04 November 2014 - 17:04

The game doesn't start of with the main character in their undies? I thought it was the trademark of a Ragnar Tornquist game?

I guess Kian is kind of in his in chapter 2 though.


We honestly tried to make it happen — and you DO see Zoë in bed, and she's probably wearing nothing but knickers underneath — but it didn't feel right to start Storytime with Zoë undressed. She's in a place where she has the power to be anything she wants. She needed something a bit more kick arse. And with Kian in his prison cell, we couldn't exactly strip him down either (although he IS topless; that's something, right?).


We will remedy this in the future, I promise. There shall be undies.

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#26416 UNOFFICIAL Dreamfall Chapters Fan Music Competition Rules & Entry Require...

Posted by Christoffer Sunrider Grav on 26 September 2014 - 15:02



Sorry, some embarrassing misspelling!


Again, hope you like it, you awesome fans you!


Here it is officially:


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#87188 Kickstarter update #82

Posted by khh on 04 June 2015 - 14:59

(Link to Kickstarter update)

An old friend returns
Hey everyone,

We have a little surprise for y'all today. An old friend is coming back for Book Three, and he
wants to say hello:


(And if you can't click that YouTube link now, stop reading and save the link for when you can
click on it!)

We'll be back with more from Book Three: Realms soon, so stay tuned!

Team RTG
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